Representation of those most impacted by decisions: Tools for when impact exceeds circle roles (Deborah Chang, Sofie Malm, Hanna Fischer)

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Description: Are we making decisions that are affecting more people than are in the room? How can we be more careful about representation? In this session, we will give examples of situations where decisions are affecting a broader group of people. We will offer tools to support us being more inclusive in the decision-making process.

Bio: Deborah Chang (she/her) is founder of Youth Power Coalition, a non-profit that brings youth leaders and adult allies together to power youth-led collective impact. She is also a member of the Mission Circle and the Social Justice Helping Circle at Sociocracy for All. Outside of her day-to-day work, Deborah’s interests include rock climbing, education, entrepreneurship, and reconnecting with her Chinese heritage.

Hanna Fischer (she/her) is a social transformation activist based in the south of Sweden. She has experience from grassroots and non profit organising and her fields of interest are collective decision-making and leadership, social movements and societal transformation.

sofie malm (she/her) is interested in the work done in the intersection of sociocracy, nvc, transformative justice and trauma healing. She has experience from grassroots organizing, especially with group dynamics and collective leadership. She works with massage therapist and is interested in how the body can be used as the entry point to social change work.

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