Sometimes people tell me that what sociocracy does to groups is “magic”. I agree that it’s not uncommon that people who had never met before create meaningful connection and deeply care about each other already after a few meetings. I am assuming rounds contribute most to the bonding that we see. 

Yet, I don’t think it’s sociocracy that is “magic”. I think people are magic. And what happens between people is magic. 

The thing is just that if we don’t listen to each other, then we don’t see the beauty in other people. And if we aren’t’ heard, we don’t share our beauty with other people. 

That’s what’s so wonderful about rounds. Rounds create the space to share who we are and what we are. And they help us sit back and listen when other people speak, so we can witness their humanity and gifts. 

So really, magic is everywhere all the time, just that we don’t slow down enough to see it. In a meeting that shuts people down, that creates stress and pressure, the magic becomes invisible. Like clouds that cover the warming light of the sun. It’s always there but we don’t always see it. 

Sociocracy is not only about workplaces. It creates more wonderful relationships wherever people do things together. 

Rounds are not a tool but a mental state of receiving tenderly what the other is saying and experiencing, with our minds and hearts wide open. You can do that in a team meeting, with your life partner or with your kid. Sit back, relax and be ready for magic!