Are you feeling stuck trying to plan your meeting agenda? Sociocracy, a set of tools for sharing power, has a simple and effective agenda format. Every meeting starts out with a check-in to support emotional connection and ends with a meeting evaluation. Agenda planners have a place to put the time needed and the purpose of each agenda item, which is critical to efficient meeting facilitation. There is clarity in structure- everyone understands how long the meeting is, and what the purpose for each agenda item is. Get your meeting off to a great start with this agenda template!

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Downloadable Meeting Agenda Template

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What else is included in this agenda template?

Sociocracy isn’t just about meeting agendas. The top of this document includes a place for important information for your circles or committee.

This template includes a place for:

  • Domain: What can this group decide about?
  • Aims: What are the goals and activities of this group?
  • OKRs: What are the group’s objectives and key results?
  • Important links for the group, such as a budget or document folder
  • Membership of the group with contact information
  • Roles in the group including process roles (facilitator, secretary, etc) or operational roles
  • Table of contents of meetings with links to meetings by date

Basic Agenda Structure in Sociocracy

Why are meeting agendas structured this way in sociocracy? There is a reason for every item and the order they occur in.

Check-inConnection: How are you arriving at the meeting?
AdministrationClarity: Understand the duration and next meeting time.
ReportsClarity: Understanding reports from members and other circles
Agenda TopicsClarity: Is each topic a report, exploration, or decision?
BacklogClarity: Put future agenda items for a later date
Check-outFeedback: Meeting evaluation to improve future meetings

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