Leadership in sociocracy


What is leadership when it’s not in the context of command-and-control? Why are there leaders in sociocratic circles, and what do they do? How can I be a good sociocratic leader?

Further SoFA Reading

Communities: going from consensus to sociocracy

Consensus in cohousing or other intentional communities often creates tensions, especially when all decisions are made together. n this video, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez shows how sociocracy offers a solution, and this video shows how & why to switch and what to expect.

Sociocracy in forming communities

Sociocracy in forming communities

Sociocracy is used by dozens of communities. Forming communities need governance to manage the community themselves. In this video, we show how sociocracy works in forming communities – groups that are looking for a site or have started to build. Because community is much sweeter when meetings are connecting and productive!