Jefferson House

Presenters: Gregg Kendrick & Adam Feldbauer
Location: USA
Organization: non-profit
Size:  80 members

Jefferson House in Charlottesville, Virginia, it is a small boutique facility built around an historic home with a warm, family environment. In an effort to create a more inclusive staff environment, the CEO decided to create a sociocratic Policy Circle about 18 months ago to make decisions on organization-wide policies. Though the organization as a whole functions in a more traditional structure, the Policy Circle operates within the full sociocratic process. It is an example of how sociocracy can be introduced into a workplace organization. This particular session will feature the CEO of Martha Jefferson House, Adam Feldbauer, and will be facilitated by Gregg Kendrick, the sociocratic consultant that supported the project.

Martha Jefferson house (Gregg Kendrick & Adam Feldbauer)