T5: let’s talk about power

It takes courage to talk about power structures; even more when they are implicit and unspoken. We need to address those power structures to challenge and transform them.


Skill descriptionability to analyze and speak to power structures
How to acquire skillwatch analyzing power dynamics video (1hr) (Thanks to Rebecca Fisher-McGinty and Daniel Little from Round Sky Solutions!); self-study; discussion in ALC or with mentor
Show skillpower analysis of a team, circle or organisation you’re very familiar with, describing examples of implicit and explicit power and analyzing the balance between collective and autonomous power. (See Round Sky’s power worksheet too.)

Power analysis write-up presented to ALC or mentor for feedback:

  1. describe the types of power held in the group
  2. name improvements that could be made to help achieve a healthy power balance:
    1. what’s implicit that needs to be explicit?
    2. what’s the balance between autonomous and collective power, and does any of it need to be renegotiated?
  3. reflect on your understanding of power and what you consider to be healthy power
  • power analysis write-up includes:
    • description and context of organisation, team or circle
    • autonomous power held (e.g. roles)
    • collective power held (e.g. circles)
    • exploration of implicit power held
    • recommendations for improvements

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