Mehr als Wohnen — housing coop – Andreas Geiger

Andreas Geiger (1983), German, living and discovering the housing and community-supported agriculture coop economy in Switzerland since 2007. Learned about sociocracy in 2015, practiced it at his shared apartment since 2017; complete Module 1 and is currently in training at SoFA.

I share a “satellite apartment” with 10 other adults at the ambitious housing coop in Zurich, Switzerland. Since 2017 we have been practicing sociocracy for our monthly circle meetings (to discuss issues, make decisions, manage our money) and open votes to select new flatmates.

In my presentation, I  a) reflect on our experience with sociocracy answer questions and discuss with workshop participants, and b) brainstorm with the participants on how to implement sociocracy also on other levels of our housing coop (e.g. the management, the board of directors, the various committees that were put in place to create a much stronger community than what is usual at housing coops in Zurich).

Video: Mehr als Wohnen, a unique mixed-use development housing a happy and healthy community.

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