Sociocracy Basics Empowered Learning Circle Course

8 hours of sociocracy training for small groups.

You want to learn about sociocracy, and a structured study group sounds great to you? Welcome to our ELC Curriculum, a sociocracy training for small groups! 

This is our entry class in 4 sessions of about ~2 hours each. What you will learn is equivalent to a weekend workshop – but you can do it any time, with your favorite people, in your own living or meeting room – and it is affordable! 

The most convenient and affordable sociocracy training we offer for groups!

4 sessions of sociocracy training to learn in your group!

  • For groups of 4-8 people – learn together in the same room (real or virtual)
  • Each session combines watching videos and doing exercises together
  • Our curriculum contains:
    • 4 sessions of ~2 hours each, done as a group
    • A total of ~85 minutes worth of video content
    • More than 330 minutes worth of group exercises for your group
    • Pointers to 16+ articles and videos in preparation and enrichment
    • Access to 200+ answers to frequently asked questions about sociocracy (FAQ)
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Coaching between sessions (optional)

  • We recommend 4×30 minutes of coaching ($220) alongside with this training.
    We will connect you to a coach!

Who is this Curriculum for?

  • Experience level: Beginners & intermediate
  • Getting a deep overview and some practical experience
  • This curriculum has been used by members of workplaces, cooperatives, intentional communities, consultants and activists.

“Your integrity and passion really came through in the videos and swept us along through this curiously satisfying learning process.  We all seemed to have a warm and positive experience by the end of it. We were mostly strangers before we started, but a wonderful sense of trust, affection and playfulness emerged over these past few weeks.”

(Luke, UK)

See some happy groups in the pictures below!

How Much does it Cost?

Without a coach

$120 per group

  • all training videos
  • online material for all Group Members
  • articles

    With a coach

    $120 + $220 for coaching fee

    • all training videos
    • online material for all Group Members
    • articles
    • coaching calls to check in between sessions
    • individualized answers to your group’s questions about sociocracy

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    The first Session is an overview of sociocracy and a chance to experience and practice the selection process that we use in sociocracy to fill roles.
    • Meeting preparation
    • Unit A: Introduction
    • Unit B: Meeting format
    • Unit C: Selecting a leader
    • Unit D: Selecting a facilitator
    • Unit E: Selecting a secretary
    • Unit F: Debrief the selection process
    • Unit G: Gather questions
    • Unit H: Meeting evaluation
    How to write proposals together and how to move them forward to a decision.
    • Meeting preparation
    • Unit I: Opening and answer questions
    • Unit J: Generating a proposal
    • Unit K: Consent decision
    • Unit L: Gather questions
    • Unit M: Meeting evaluation
    How we connect people and teams: an overview of circles, roles, and linking.
    • Meeting preparation
    • Unit N: Opening
    • Unit O: Answer questions
    • Unit P: Organizational structure and linking
    • Unit Q: Selection of a delegate
    • Unit R: Organizational structure
    • Unit S: Meeting evaluation
    Feedback helps us improve over time – here are some simple ways to make it happen. Make sure to define next steps for your group!
    • Meeting preparation
    • Unit T: Opening
    • Unit U: Circle feedback
    • Unit V: Next steps!
    • Unit W: Gather (and answer) questions
    • Unit X: Meeting evaluation

    Sign up for the ELC

    Are you the Group Leader or a Group Member?

    All Group Members need a Group Leader and the Group Name their Group Leader shared with them in order to sign up.

    If you are a Group Member, please ask your Group Leader for access information

    The Group Leader will be coordinating and leading your ELC learning group. Each group only needs one Group Leader. The Group Leader:

    • pays for the course on behalf of the group,
    • emails and coordinates to get the group together,
    • manages the group’s ELC account and group’s progress,
    • studies and learns along with the rest of the group!

    Course access ends after 3 months unless time is extended by switching to an Extended Access Pass before the end of the 3 months.

    Add Coaching for your Group

    Do you want extra support on your journey?

    Sociocracy For All coaches are experienced guides and personal support for your group.

    Note: Coaches meet with 1-2 people from the group between your groups sessions, not during the group sessions. 

    We can work together to find out how we can best support you on your Learning Circle journey!

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    Sign up for Coaching:

    Complete your Signup for Coaching

    Coaching is $220 per group.

    This coaching package is good for 4 x 30 minutes – half an hour scheduled after each of your sessions.

    Specifics around how the coaches time are applied are worked out between the coach and the group.

    More Questions?

    How do the 4 sessions work?
    Training Philosophy

    Sociocracy For All is a non-profit driven by a mission: making good governance methods available to everyone. We think that better decision-making and inclusion should be the new normal in all places where people come together: schools, businesses, volunteer organizations, schools, clubs, even families! 

    To achieve the mission, we work with members and staff to make sociocracy accessible to as many people as possible, without compromising on quality. This ELC course is an example of that. We want to strengthen existing groups and give them the tools and the opportunity to learn together, like a workshop just for your group, on your own schedule, and tailored to your needs. A precursor of this curriculum has been used by dozens of groups, both to give an introduction, prepare an implementation, or to train new people in an already sociocratic organization. 

    Coaches – how do we get a coach? (optional)

    In ELC coaching, you meet with a coach for 30min between sessions. (Depending on scheduling, your whole group can meet with the coach or just 1-2 people from your group).

    Your coach will be able to answer your specific questions about sociocracy and in your context, much more tailored to your needs that the FAQ.

    How do I find a coach? 

    If you’d like to find a coach for your group, you can visit the Sociocracy For All coaching page. ELC coaching is one of the options there. Buy the coaching ticket, and we’ll find a coach for you. 

    What happens after this class?

    If you’d like to continue with coaching afterward, you can get a regular coaching package on the coaching page

    More questions? Email to [email protected]

    What does the course leader do?

    The Course Leader will set the pace for your group and organize your group practice sessions.
    Some groups may have chosen to use a shared login for their group leader account, in which case your group leader may share that login. If you are using the Group Leader login, then you control access for the group.

    What if the group has multiple leaders?
    If the person who paid for the leader account is either not the one who will be leading the group, or is co-leading, they should share the account with the other leader(s).

    To make a shared account, all the leaders will need to login with the same email address, or use a shared password on the SoFA website.