SoMBu 2022 Week 41

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Broadcast Thursday, October 13

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Help us point out a few special events coming up this fall:

  • Children — Do the educators in your life already know about sociocracy? Point out to them that sociocracy works with children too, and that Hope is teaching a class on October 22 & 29.
  • Communities — Those of you in communities, help us announce the intentional communities conference on November 19.
  • Changemakers and inspiration — Do you know the children’s parliament is the largest sociocratic organization in the world? Learn more at the fundraiser and screening of the documentary film Power to the Children on November 20.

Are your sociocratic organizations already on the map? We’re trying to build more of a track record. Let’s show that sociocracy is real and not just a “hippie thing.” We’re ready.

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In this broadcast:

  • New members
  • SoFA maps
  • Events
  • Circle reports
  • Notices
  • SoMBu feedback

New SoFA Members

  • Antim Mogos (UK) supporting member
  • Olivier Caeymaex (France) SoFra

Welcome • Bienvenu

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Sociocracy with Children

Saturday sessions, Oct 22 & 29, 15:00 –17:00 UTC

For anyone wanting to practice sociocracy with children, whether you are working in a school group, at home, in a club, or a co-op.

Workshop: Sociocracy with Children

IC Conference

Creating a future that works for all today — Nov 19

sociocracy in intentional communities conference 2022 - - Sociocracy For All

Screening & Fundraiser

Film :: Power to the Children — Nov 20

Power to the Children Childrens Parliaments Webinar - - Sociocracy For All

Come watch the documentary “Power to the Children’ with us. This film offers a deep insight into the lives of children who are part of the Children’s Parliaments in India. The Children’s Parliaments are a huge and successful effort to help people solve serious problems in their communities – with 100,000s of children involved worldwide. Swarnalakshmi Ravi, the former national prime minister of India’s Children’s Parliament who is featured in the film, will join us for a Q&A. Additionally, two youth members of the Provisional World Children’s Parliament will attend and contribute to the Q&A from a youth perspective.


Member events


Circle reports

General Circle

  • Members of Grants Circle have been brainstorming an idea around highlighting academic research that can aid us in presenting a case for sociocracy and building connections with different fields through their research arms. Bringing this up for feedback in General Circle led to a rich conversation about the many directions we can explore concerning academic research and the benefits of sociocracy.
  • The members of General Circle also took up domain questions around curating an encyclopedia of IT tools and how to approach the space of sociocracy and … adjacent social technologies. After some rich discussion, the circle members decided that Organization Support Circle would take on the domain of the encyclopedia of IT tools, with some lively lines of feedback to IT Circle and elsewhere, and that Continuing Education Circle would take on the domain of developing the “sociocracy and…” space. With the consent of these respective circles, of course!

notes::general circle

Content Circle

A lot is going on in this department!

  • Linking members from the department recently presented a report to General Circle about their new outreach campaign. The campaign involves working closely with sector circles to help channel new audiences and also consists of some website redesign.
  • As a part of the Conference Circle work on the upcoming Intentional Communities conference, the conference development team has been building a relationship with the FIC (Foundation for Intentional Community). Social Media Circle is taking on some work around developing some content to share through FIC channels.

notes::content circle

Ecosystem Circle

  • The members of this circle are working on organizing the next session of the sector circle leaders CoP.

notes::ecosystem circle

Membership Circle

  • The members of this circle discussed options for offering lower membership fees for some International sub-circles. This has come up before and is still a charged topic, with tensions around desires for justice and the meaning of having a common and shared membership commitment (including the fee).
  • The members also decided to close the Membership Development Circle while expressing concern and sadness about the tensions and capacity issues that led to that decision. Part of the decision involves trying to find other homes for the various parts of the Member Development plan.
  • Conversation in General Circle encouraged collaboration with Continuing Education Circle on this.

notes::membership circle

Circle members wanted

  • WEBINAR CIRCLE — We have fantastic stuff happening, like a webinar with Otto Scharmer. A great place for volunteer working members with many ideas!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CIRCLE — We are especially in need of English speakers who would be comfortable reading scripts on camera for Instagram and Tiktok.

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SoMBu feedback

Additional notices from role holders or circles are welcome. Submissions are due on the day when General Circle meets: Tuesdays Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 22, and Dec 6. Contact: [email protected]. Andrew Grant, Sombu broadcaster