Sociocracy meets Rendanheyi (Emanuele Quintarelli)


Bio: Emanuele believes in letting the full potential of humanity blossom through purposeful, adaptive and ecoistic organizations. For the last 20 years, he led global teams across sectors, cultures, and continents at the intersection of strategy, change, and technology, to help large complex organizations become not just more efficient but especially more humane. In Boundaryless, he is the 3EO Microenterprise Leader.

Description: Through their unique ability to empower multiple streams of value creation among million of actors, platform organizations such as Amazon, Airbnb, Haier are quickly emerging as leaders of the business world. Boundaryless will share early insights from mixing their market-based design with sociocracy as an attempt to foster unprecedented levels of entrepreneurship, motivation, inclusiveness and power distribution.

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