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How to work with a sociocratic facilitator to facilitate a meeting for you

Having a sociocratic facilitator facilitate a meeting or series of meetings for your organization is possible

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Sociocracy for All can match you with a knowledgeable, experienced certified facilitator (here is a list of them) to meet your organization’s needs!

We work with:

sociocratic organizations who are new to sociocracy and would benefit from experienced facilitation
sociocratic organizations who are practiced in sociocracy, but could use some help facilitating important or challenging meetings
non-sociocratic organizations looking for support with complex meetings
non-sociocratic organizations who value inclusive and efficient meetings and processes

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How do I hire a SoFA facilitator?

Step 1 Reach out to us.
Complete the form below to tell us a little bit about your organization and your facilitation needs. We will review your intake form and follow-up with your request within 48 hours.

Step 2 Meet your facilitator.
Once a facilitator has been matched with your request, the facilitator will reach out to you to introduce themselves and send you the contract for facilitation. Once you’ve signed the contract, you and your facilitator will schedule a planning meeting.

Step 3 Plan the meeting.
You will meet with the facilitator and they will ask you some questions about the meeting and the two of you will review or build the meeting agenda together. The facilitator follows up with you 2-5 days before the meeting to make sure there have been no major changes to the meeting agenda.

Step 4 Have the meeting!
Your organization has a beautifully facilitated meeting, you submit payment for the facilitation, and complete the feedback survey!

Pricing – we consider how you’re funded

We work with organizations across the board – social change organizations in developing countries, established businesses in North America and Europe, and everything in between!

As things are, some organizations come with comfortable budgets, and others work with less. We are comfortable with the mix of situations but that also means we have to be flexible and honest in our pricing.

Organizations are billed for the facilitator’s time both in-meeting and pre-meeting preparation time. We ask that you pay a comparable rate to what you’d normally pay your employees and consultants. Knowing that each situation is different, we offer a sliding scale per hour.

Get a discount with enrollment in our Organizational Learners program

Are you an organizational learner (OL)? Just mention your enrollment in the OL program to the Find a Facilitator Matchmaker and we will apply your 10% discount. 

Are you in a sociocratic organization? Get 10% off coaching and custom classes for your organization with SoFA’s organizational learners program. 

Meet our certified facilitators

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Facilitators listed here are trained and certified by Sociocracy for All and have opted in for the find-a-facilitator program.

See our certification program or a full list of SoFA certified consultants, trainers, and facilitators.

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