Sociocracy with Youth and in Education conference 2023

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Sociocracy and NVC at a Dutch Democratic School

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Democratic School Amsterdam is located at Sloten Windmill in Amsterdam. With around 60 students ranging in age from 4-18 years old, we are organised as a sociocratic foundation which also uses Nonviolent Communication. Using images, I will describe the organisation of our school and the various circles that take place daily, weekly and monthly. You will hear how we use use sociocracy and NVC for mediation. I will also share how we use Erasmus+ funding to do international exchanges. There will be ample time for questions.


cordelia addison - - Sociocracy For All
Cordelia Addison

I am a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. NVC is the most powerful tool I know for resolving conflicts, and creating and maintaining the kinds of mutually respectful relationships I desire with family, friends and colleagues. In 2014, I initiated the democratic school LIFE! which opened in 2015 using Nonviolent Communication and sociocracy as tools to create a relationship-based educational environment where the values of compassion and equality flourish.

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The Sociocracy with Youth and in Education Conference 2023 was presented by the SoFA Youth and Education Circle.

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