Sociocracy with Youth and in Education conference 2023

Giving Youth the Tools to Build a Better Future

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This presentation will take a look at how the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can enhance a sociocractic setting with young children. It will be an exploration of three systems for staying connected through all kinds of conflict in both the family and the classroom.

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Gina Sims

Gina is a recently retired teacher who in the latter years of her career was asked to write a book about the infrastructure for compassion she had created in her classroom. The book, Heart to Heart, has led to a second career of connecting with many of the care-givers of the world. Gina’s motto is Open-hearted Children Lead to an Open-hearted World! Gina lives in a cohousing community in Western Massachusetts. (website) (podcast)

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The Sociocracy with Youth and in Education Conference 2023 was presented by the SoFA Youth and Education Circle.

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