Location: US-wide
Organization: Non-profit
Size: 40

The Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE) is a community of faculty leaders in the life sciences from higher education institutions (community colleges, liberal arts colleges, regional comprehensive universities, and research universities) whose goal is to ensure a scientifically literate citizenry prepared to address 21st-century challenges.  To achieve this goal, PULSE helps academic departments develop programs that are inclusive and student-centered through the use of evidence-based teaching and learning practices.

Sociocracy’s philosophy of shared leadership, collaboration, transparency, equity, and continuous improvement resonated with PULSE members.  We implemented sociocracy in 2014 with minor modifications, and continue to use sociocratic principles and processes in all our operations and decision-making.

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Conflict as a tension to steer by

Conflict as a tension to steer by

Conflict as a tension to steer by The unwritten rules in many groups are clear: Be nice, avoid conflict at all costs and, if a conflict arises, see it as a “personal problem” of one perhaps problematic individual. In sociocracy, we have the opportunity to see things...