Nothing AG

Location: Switzerland
Size: 15

We are a digital design company (for-profit) based in Switzerland. Our overall purpose is simple: we want to create products which matter. With that, we mean that we want to create software that has a positive impact and use business and technology as tools that serve humanity. Generally, we approach issues head-on, trying to get to the root of our clients’ problems in order to solve the problems that actually matter – for our clients, but also in the broader context of society. For instance, one of our foci is web accessibility, that is to say, creating websites and apps that can, ideally, be used by anyone, regardless of their abilities.
We call ourselves a peer-to-peer organisation: Meeting each other as peers, as equals that can work together in an autonomous but participatory way, is at the root of our organisation. We are organised in circles and roles—pretty much like in sociocracy, with a few changes that have evolved naturally. Each peer in the organisation holds several roles; most of us hold roles in more than one circle (which, in our opinion, is quite natural, as human beings are multifaceted and usually have interest in and talent for quite diverse tasks and not just one particular job). Within these circles, we hold regular meetings to discuss the circle’s governance but also ongoing operational tasks and projects.

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