Magic is where people get together!

Written, performed and produced by SoFA members, supporters and friends!

Thanks to:
Guitar – Mica Sun of Possum Splendor
Vocals, Musical Saw, Viola, Banjo – Alea Rosinblum of Tangle Cove (
Clarinet – Jeremie Becker-Chetrit of Tangle Cove
Mixing Consult & Percussion – Liam Niblack of Everland (
Music and lyrics by Ted Rau
Kim Newton – voice



People have coffee, people have tea
We’re in the city, and by the sea
Sometimes we’re busy, and even stressed
We get together and do our best

We design systems and try them out
We celebrate when things work out
We unmute, with background noise
We try again, and find our voice

People are people, near and far 
We need each other, as we are 
In separate places, far and wide 
Heart to heart, and side by side
Magic is where people get together.  

We decide together and we object
We work it out and redirect
And with the help of many eyes
We find out more, and we get wise.

We hit a wall, we drop the ball,
We try again, what a close call!
We switch things up from time to time
And we find words that make a rhyme.

We reconsider, we co-create
some things actually turn out great
We fix what’s broken, try to repair
We try to listen until we care.

We grieve injustice, we are concerned
We share with others what we have learned
And we step in, and we dissent
And build a future based on consent.

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