Ups and downs of Sociocracy

Juliette Corazón | 20:00 UTC

Ecovillage at Ithaca, NY is composed of three neighborhoods. The newest,TREE neighborhood, moved in 2013-2015, and adopted Sociocracy in 2016. We are 40 households with 66 adult members. We will review the benefits we have seen with Sociocracy, and also the challenges we have encountered with it.


Juliette Corazón
Juliette Corazón

Juliette Ramírez Corazón works in college student services. Mark Piechota is a retired educational administrator. Both are founding members of the TREE neighborhood of Ecovillage at Ithaca.

The Sociocracy in Intentional Communities Conference 2023 is organized sociocratically by SoFA’s Intentional Communities Circle

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