Are we all the same?

Steffen Emrich | 17:00 UTC

We are all the same, aren’t we?
Dealing with rank and power in communities.

In this session, I would like to engage in conversation with participants on the topic of rank and power. How do we deal with different rank in communities? Let’s reflect on this openly and honestly and what implications this may have for dealing with sociocracy.
Starting point for the discussion will be a short impulse of the speaker from his practice in consulting communities, but also other examples and impulses from the experience of the participants are invited and welcome.


Steffen Emrich
Steffen Emrich

Steffen Emrich (born 1967) has been living and working in housing projects and communities for over 30 years (for the last 14 years in the community gASTWERKe in Germany). In addition to his work as a facilitator, sociocracy trainer and community consultant, he has been involved with Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) for many years, as founding member of GEN-Germany and for the last 4 years on the board of GEN-Europe. Through his work and in and for communities, he has been able to visit and learn from many community projects over the years and despite occasional challenges, he still believes in the transformative power of community projects.
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