Sociocracy with Youth and in Education conference 2023

Giving Youth the Tools to Build a Better Future

How to Start Sociocratic Processes with Teenagers

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In this session, you will be given some practical, hands-on tools which will help you start some simple (but not easy!) sociocratic methods and processes. Although my experience comes from working with teenagers, most of what you will hear works with younger children as well. We will also take some time to talk about the cultural shift and mindsets which support the transition towards a sociocratic-inspired way of working in schools.


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Ellen Even

Ellen Even is living with her husband and twins in Zurich, CH. She works at Integrale Tagesschule Winterthur (ITW) where she started her inward journey after being introduced to NVC, Solution Focus Approach, and Spiral Dynamics. Her interest in Sociocracy was sparked after visiting some sociocratic schools in the Netherlands. Ever since she’s been looking for ways to cultivate sociocratic values & tools at ITW.

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The Sociocracy with Youth and in Education Conference 2023 was presented by the SoFA Youth and Education Circle.

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