Sociocracy with Youth and in Education conference 2023

Giving Youth the Tools to Build a Better Future

Equality Across All Ages, Cultural Diversity, Freedom, and Sociocracy

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The APEGO-Schule Berlin is an intercultural, multilingual and sociocratic school that offers self-directed education. At our school, children, teens and adults meet as equals, not only on a personal level but also in the creation of our school curriculum and in the application process of new staff. In 2022 we celebrated our 5th anniversary and can now look back on an intense journey of the challenges of putting ideals into practice. What remained with us, is our unique way of learning from the past and organising our school together with children, young adults and staff. As pedagogical head of the school, I want to share our journey with you. We will have a look at: – the concept and values of the APEGO-Schule – our first idea of how to organise staff and students sociocratically – struggles and solutions on the way – the creative circle structure and sociocratic tools we now live and breathe at our school My goal is to enliven the small steps of becoming sociocratic and the beauty of the process to inspire the one or the other to use sociocracy to empower our youth. With examples from our school, I will show you the inspiring results of letting our students decide what a school can be.


Michelle Sahn
Michelle Sähn

Michelle studied Primary Education in Dortmund and Children’s Literature in London. Her first work experiences in the regular school system made her question the conventional way of teaching. Searching for alternative ways of approaching young people and education, she found the APEGO-Schule Berlin, where she has been working as a Lernbegleitung (‘learning companion’) since 2018 and as pedagogical head since 2019.

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The Sociocracy with Youth and in Education Conference 2023 was presented by the SoFA Youth and Education Circle.

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