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I am a former deputy prime minister of the Indian National Children’s Parliament and an international trainer of the same now. I recently traveled to all the 28 states of India to promote children parliament and sociocracy by walk and lift (Started with zero budget). The National All-India Trip is the “zero budget” national campaign to mark World Children’s Day. On our own initiative and at our own risk, two of us (former child ministers) offered to travel throughout India, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, motivating regarding children’s parliaments, conducting one-day training programs, and screening the movie, “Power to the Children.” We met millions of children and introduced sociocracy and children’s parliaments to them. Also, we are planning to make a road trip to four nearby countries to expand the initiative.

gnanasekar dhanapal - - Sociocracy For All
Gnanasekar Dhanapal

I have 12 years of experience in Children’s Parliament federations. I started my journey as a member of a rural village-level Children’s Parliament and became Deputy Prime Minister of the Indian National Children’s Parliament in 2016. Once I completed 18, took charge as a Global Convenor for the World Parliament of Children and worked to promote SDGs of the UN and Global Peace through Parliaments of Children. Later, I served as Secretary and Director in a non-government organization that pioneered the above-mentioned concepts. As a Chief Trainer of Children Parliament and an International Child Rights Activist, I am traveling all around the world – spreading the concepts ‘Children Parliament and Neighborocracy’

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The Sociocracy with Youth and in Education Conference 2023 was presented by the SoFA Youth and Education Circle.

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