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Holistic and Regenerative Accounting Principles

Holistic and Regenerative Accounting Principles - - Sociocracy For All


As our world shifts towards more regenerative and values-based systems, the metrics we use to measure our progress and success needs to change. Accounting is not just measuring an organization’s financial health; we can account for anything where we want to be held accountable. How clear is your org on its values and vision, and what systems do you have in place to measure how effective you are in your efforts to achieving those goals? In this session we will discuss strategies for discerning how to determine what to measure and developing the systems to account for more than just money, as well as breaking down some of the limiting financial narratives to be able to hold healthy space for money discussions that are based in wellbeing and care for all people and planet.


ngrid Edstrom - - Sociocracy For All

Ingrid is on the board of the Post Growth Institute, is a founder of the Accounting Alchemy Network, and volunteers as a course moderator for the Pachamama Alliance. Her business, Priestess of Profits LLC, focuses on coaching businesses and accounting professionals on developing regenerative and values-based approaches. She teaches courses on networking, leadership, mental fitness, and regenerative accounting principles. Ingrid is a Certified Business Coach through the Woodard Institute, a Certified PQ Mental Fitness Coach through Positive Intelligence, and a certified Working Genius consultant. Ingrid is proud to be a total nerd with a hungry mind and a passion for helping others be their best selves in service to our beautiful world. Her superpowers are manifestation and positive change, even (especially) when change is scary. She loves asking the big questions that confront people with their own personal freedom. She is currently working with her local chapter of the Pachamama Alliance and Oregon Water League to develop rights of nature for the Rogue River and the local watershed, and working to use some of the education from that experience to develop rights of nature for the 2 acres she stewards, where she grows most of her own food.