Educating the Village – embedding sociocracy in a cohousing community

The first decision that Treehouse Village Ecohousing ever made was to practice sociocracy. Fast forward about three years, its members now consider this to be also one of its best decisions. But having everyone practicing sociocracy as our method of governance has not been without its challenges. Ensuring everyone in our community is up to speed with sociocracy in our ever-changing and fast-moving organisation has been a huge task.

We are tied to an aggressive timescale, eager to develop our homes before our young families grow and we can feel the real benefit of our vision. Yet we can’t grow and fully achieve our aims unless everyone can feel a part of our sociocratic structure and systems. Our members want to know how they can truly belong to the community, and how they can best make a useful contribution. In short, they need to learn sociocracy, and to learn it fast.

This webinar reflects on what has tested us as a community in teaching sociocracy to our members, and the solutions we have found to all the challenges we have encountered on our journey to date. We hope that other sociocratic communities, or those considering using sociocracy, will be able to find value by reflecting on our experiences.

There will be opportunities in this webinar for participants to discuss and reflect on key ideas, and to start to develop their own practical strategies for the teaching of sociocracy. We think teaching and learning sociocracy isn’t particularly easy, but we hope to inspire you to feel that it is safe enough to try.


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What is a Help Desk?

What is a Help Desk?

After using sociocracy “by the book” for years and very successfully, we have started to introduce a new concept: a Help Desk circle. It introduces a small but extremely powerful nuance in what circles are and how we can decentralize decisions and operations while empowering everyone in the organization in moving things forward that they care about.