Dreamocracy: Dragon Dreaming and Sociocracy – Tanya Stergiou

Presenter: Tanya Stergiou

In 2011, the Dragon Dreaming methodology for designing collaborative projects hit Brazil with a bang. People easily connected to its love in action philosophy, and the step by step dream, plan, do and celebrate phases of the methodology tapped into the very creative and hands-on culture. Soon enough, Dragon Dreaming had spread to communities, NGOs, government and businesses. However, while the methodology was great for getting projects off the ground it lacked on an organizational level. A small group of people, passionate about organizations, decided to bring professionals from abroad to teach Sociocracy courses in Brazil. The response was low key, the patterns and processes seemed cold and rigid, but we pushed on. About 2 years ago, we had an insight and started to develop Dreamocracy – A fusion of the two methodologies. To Dragon Dreaming, we are bringing more structure, role clarity and consent decision making. To Sociocracy, we are bringing other elements of win-win, dreaming and celebrating and greater space to deal with emotions when needed. This is a work in progress and is being tested.

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