When no-one hears or gets whats being said

Presentation by Kim Scott.

All chat for me is around transformation; embodied experiences; heart space; emotional intelligence; and well much more…. as I am sure many people could add more things prevalent and alive today especially around critical thinking/consciousness. In this session I will offer clear ideas and discussion looking at heart-head-hand embodied experience; useful tools building respect and shared knowledge; and introduce a letting go process which can be quick and offer clear, calm, self-led results.[echo-content-down-arrow id=”temp-id” class=”temp-class” size=”50″ type=”epda-icon-arrow-soft” animation_type=”bounce-effect-1″ color=”1776C0″ duration_time=”20000″ bouncing_speed=”3000″ move_to=”” scrolling=”true” disable_bouncing=”false” disable_duration=”false” ]