Anything that makes positive change in the world


Anything that makes positive change in the world can only be done together, making collaboration a key skill for any progress. Groups often struggle with basic questions:

  • Who decides?
  • How do we decide?
  • Was did we decide?
  • Was everyone heard?
  • What it someone disagrees?

“We don’t want command-and-control hierarchies. But what’s the alternative?”

The alternative is more democratic than democracy. Sociocracy! (= People who work together decide together.)

Using common sense, sociocracy combines:

  • Trusted teams with transparency.
  • Self-organization with clarity.
  • Flexibility with structure.

But you know what’s weird? Sometimes people get upset when they hear about sociocracy. Why?
“What? You’re telling me NOW? I would have NEEDED this 10 years ago!”


You know now!


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