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This past six weeks or so brought me many opportunities for reflection around self-management. As some of you know I had a “surprise” major surgery in early February. Only afterward did I realize how much pain and discomfort I had been adjusting to in the weeks leading up to the doctor’s visit. I have been grateful to those in SoFA who have helped to step in and support the whole organization when I couldn’t make a meeting – and for the kind emails and words shared. Thank you. 

It also has me recognizing the value of self-management: where the circle holds the work so a person can step back as needed. We run fairly slim in SoFA–each person taking on many things, but I believe it is a strength of sociocratic practice for the work and responsibility to be held within the circle. 

This has also been an opportunity to learn more about SELF-management. Too often we hold onto discomfort or perspectives or choices believing there is only one way forward or one interpretation. I held onto significant discomfort–letting it eat away at my productivity–for weeks without realizing it. I needed another perspective to help me find a new way forward. Now I feel a sense of relief and hopefulness about my health. 

I know that as SoFA goes through this network model exploration and evolves, there will be uncomfortable moments. I hope that we can keep talking about and relying on each other to support health through self-management. 

With warmth and hope, 

Rhonda Baird
Operational Leader/Executive Director

💡 Sociocratic Tips

Prioritize Inclusive Leadership and Communication

To maximize diversity benefits within self-managed teams, prioritize inclusive leadership and effective communication. Encourage leaders to value diverse perspectives and facilitate collaboration between different groups. Address language barriers and promote trust through language support and effective communication channels. By fostering inclusive practices, organizations can leverage the flexibility of self-management to enhance team performance and innovation.

Read more on the article Does self-management increase diversity in teams? (Probably not.) by Ted.

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    It’s leap day! 🐸

    It’s Leap Day! In many parts of Latin America, there’s a tradition of eating gnocchi on the 29th of each month, believed to attract prosperity and money. So, enjoying gnocchi on Leap Day adds an extra touch of magic. How are you celebrating this unique occasion? Share any special traditions from your country in the forum.

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    on my way to becoming a millionaire

    Pame Carmona
    SoFA Support Services Circle