SoMBu 2024 Week 5

Language: Español

Broadcast Thursday, February 1st, 2024

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💡 Sociocratic Tips

A new tool for supporting Learner organizations – input wanted!

One benefit that SoFA’s Organizational Learners (OL) have access to is a compiled Health Check*, which consists of easily readable graphs that highlight sociocracy strengths and weaknesses of an organization. It’s already really fun to have one person do the health check, but when the whole organization does it, it gives us a deeper perspective of their sociocracy and general health.

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We recently had our first organization using this benefit, and I was excited to create the first compilation. As I did, I also created a fictive version that can be consulted by anyone while respecting confidentiality, so you can have a look at the complete compilation

I thought it might be useful for SoFA members to know about this new tool, because:

  • It’s a great thing to mention when you’re promoting the Organizational Learners program;
  • If you’re a consultant or consultant in training, you might want to use it with your clients to gather organization-wide feedback on their sociocracy use (in this case, encourage them to become an OL!);
  • Some language circles might want to translate it;
  • It would be nice to have some feedback about it (like, what better name could it have?);
  • You might have other ideas on how to use it! (like, should we do a compiled health check for SoFA?? That would be funny and interesting!)

Here is how it works for now. First, many members of the organization fill in an anonymous version of the health check. Then, the results are compiled. Finally, one to three people of the organization meet with a consultant for a free 30 minute session where they receive advice based on their results. 

If you want to let me know what you think about this new tool, and if you have ideas for it, please reply in this forum thread or write to me at [email protected].
* (If you don’t know what the regular Health Check is, check it out here. By the way it’s a great lead magnet for a sector or language page…)

🤗 Community

Learning Ancient Wisdoms for Harmonizing

As part of the 2024 UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

Stephanie Nestlerode from 7th Generation Labs invites SoFA members to the event Learning Ancient Wisdoms for Harmonizing. This offering is for any person wanting to bring more harmony into the neighborhood where they live.

What to Expect:

  • Explore indigenous wisdom on harmonizing during an enlightening session.
  • Dive into an online learning community, where valuable resources and coaching await you.
  • Contribute to the experiment by volunteering as a coach and making a difference in someone’s journey.
  • Come together for a joyful gathering to share experiences and celebrate the progress we make as a community.
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