SoMBu 2023 Week 31

Language: Español

Broadcast Thursday, August 03, 2023

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Hello everyone, 

I hope you are finding delight in nature and in your homes, among friends and loved ones. We all need places that nourish and empower us to do the work we do in the world. 

I’ve begun re-reading Looby Macnamara’s Cultural Emergence. She frames culture change as a weaving back and forth between three phases: “Challenge and Awaken;” “Move and Invigorate;” and “Nourish and Empower.” SoFA, through the budget conversation and the adoption of the pay-rate calculator, has been going through a “Challenge and Awaken” moment. Going through a leadership change at the same time makes it all more complicated. That’s okay. SoFA is a complex system. The question is, how can we become a more regenerative one? 

I would encourage everyone to pause and reflect on what we are learning together in our circles;and to try on new perspectives. Grounding ourselves and our groups in practices which nourish and empower us are a part of creating a regenerative culture–within SoFA and out in the larger world. From our moment of pause, we can move into the next phase of co-creation. 

Speaking of co-creation, in the weeks and months ahead, you will start to see some changes in SoMBU. We would like to highlight and celebrate people and their accomplishments throughout SoFA and help to create more shared perspectives for all of our members. This also means we are going to ask YOU to help from time to time. This could look like:

– asking you to nominate someone else for celebration (or being willing to be celebrated)  

– sharing your thoughts –perhaps on the forum in a conversation like this one?

– sharing a social media post (to help others become more aware of sociocracy)

– have more FUN!

If you have other thoughts about how you would like to engage, please let us know. If you have feedback for me (about this opening to SoMBU or anything else) please let me know : [email protected]

– Rhonda Baird

Operational Leader

✨ Highlights

New introductory booklets!

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“Sociocracy: A Brief Introduction”, “Facilitating Meetings in Sociocracy”, and “Guide for Serving in Circle Roles” are all beginner-friendly texts to help you start using sociocracy. Save by buying them together, and carry the wisdom of sociocracy with you to every meeting.  They make a great gift to introduce someone new to sociocracy and meeting facilitation.

Buy multiple books for you and your friends!

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✏️ Circle reports

In the latest updates from the International Circle, Pia has stepped down as the leader of the International Seeding Circle. Lea, Pia, and Thomas are now collaborating to devise plans for convening the International Seeding Circle and have initiated discussions on strategic planning and the status quo on the forum. Additionally, the circle is actively involved in Climate ELC projects and is focusing on outreach initiatives.

The Content Circle has been busy crafting key messages for the initial stages of the customer journey, with a specific emphasis on improving the sofa page. The SEO Circle has also provided valuable insights with a report on keywords that could boost visibility and relevance for the organization.

In the SoFA Support Services Circle, the team has reaffirmed new Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) geared towards enhancing member engagement. Moreover, they have developed a fresh internal communication strategy and conducted role selections.The Financial Wellbeing Circle has been productive, conducting a review of the fundraising strategy and roles with Deborah’s assistance. Furthermore, they explored a “split focus” strategy, targeting both nonprofit and consultancy-oriented models.

Lastly, the Ecosystem Circle, with its @work sub-circle, is diligently striving to become a fully functioning sector circle.

💙 New members

Óscar Cruz (Brazil) – SoPra

Anne Sheridan (US) – supporting member

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