Sociocracy in forming communities

This webinar focuses on circle-based structures for forming cohousing groups and the big question of who decides what. It contains a presentation plus the Q&A from the live event. Additionally, watch this webinar recording “Getting to Consent” to learn about decision-making in sociocracy. For an overview video of sociocracy, see this 19min video.

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5 Strategies for Combining Equity with Sociocracy

5 Strategies for Combining Equity with Sociocracy

The key promise of sociocracy is that all voices matter. In reality our current sociocracy practices are not enough to overcome the way society systemically oppresses the voices of people from poor, non-white, transgender, disabled, et cetera, backgrounds. In this article I define equity, make an argument for why combining equity and sociocracy is so powerful, and share five strategies for embedding equity into sociocratic governance.