Free introduction: What is sociocracy?

Venus - SoFA Zoom Room

This is a free sociocracy introduction for beginners on Oct 01, 15-16 UTC. Are you tired of power games in your organizations? Do you have hope that more collaboration in organizations could bring out the best in people?

Sociocracy in forming communities

Venus - SoFA Zoom Room

Oct 8, 8pm Eastern Time. What can sociocracy do for forming intentional communities? How can site search and early community building and growth be supported by good governance? This free webinar offers a place to learn, explore, and ask questions.

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From consensus to sociocracy

Venus - SoFA Zoom Room

Oct 15, 8pm Eastern Time. How does a community switch from whole-group consensus to sociocracy? This free webinar offers a place to learn, explore, and ask questions.

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Facilitation class (3×2 hours)

Mars - SoFA Zoom Room

Oct 21, 22, 23. 13-15 UTC. $100. This is an online class teaching ways of having smooth meetings so everyone is heard, decisions are caring and co-creative - while being fast and focused. More connection, more listening, more forward motion.

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Sociocracy playground!

Saturn - SoFA Zoom Room

Oct 22 In this session, we will practice how to integrate objections in small groups in zoom breakout groups. People will take turns facilitating. How can we make sure everyone is heard? What are ways to solve the problem?

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Sociocracy primer – beginner class

Saturn - SoFA Zoom Room

This engaging online class introduces all parts of sociocracy: organizational structure with circles, roles and linking, consent-based decision-making, continuous improvement over time. Oct 24+25, 3 hour each.

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Conflict resolution in circles

Earth - SoFA Zoom Room

Webinar Oct 28 (2 hours) Sociocracy works best when all minds and hearts are open - but that's not always the case. What can organizations do to prevent conflict and find resolution if it happens?

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Nonviolent communication introduction (3-sessions)

Mars - SoFA Zoom Room

3x2 hours on Tuesdays starting Nov 3. An introduction class to compassionate communication (Nonviolent Communication, NVC). It covers basic concepts with many examples and practice. The classes will be taught by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, co-founder and staff member of Sociocracy For All, a certified NVC trainer.

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