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Welcome: Day 1

Welcome Day 1 - - Sociocracy For All


Welcome to our groundbreaking summit; a collective journey to redefine organizational dynamics. As the world turns towards self-organization, we face challenges in areas like budgeting, HR, and decision-making. This summit is your platform to share, learn, and co-create the future of workplaces that truly marry purpose and people.


Ted 1 - - Sociocracy For All

Ted Rau is a consultant and coach for self-management. Born in Germany, he completed a Ph.D. in Linguistics and moved to the US, where he moved into an intentional community with his five children. He co-founded the nonprofit Sociocracy For All to promote self-management with consent-based, distributed self-governance. Ted has (co-)authored two books on the topic: “Many Voices One Song. Shared Power with Sociocracy” (2018) and “Who decides who decides. How to start a group so everyone can have a voice” (2021). He’s intending to publish his next book, “Collective Power. Patterns for a self-organized future” in Sept 2023.