Pierre Houben

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Pierre is a transition trainer and facilitator that one day started asking if there was a better alternative to the majority and minority principle to decide. He got in touch with sociocracy, falling in love quite immediately.
Living in Italy, where sociocracy was barely known yet and “Socio… what?” was the typical reaction, he surfed the web in search of information, training, coaching, books, videos. When he came across Sociocracy For All, he was excited right away. He was the first to sign for the SoFA newsletter once it was out and became an early collaborator and member of SoFA. He is amazed to see the dream of SoFA growing and growing; he feels it is just the right place to be.Thanks to the training he could access through the internet and the experience and support in SoFA, he started to give Introductory presentations and Workshops on Sociocracy and with the growing experience to consult and train organizations that want to implement it. In his dreams, there is a network of Italian Sociocracy trainers and facilitators, connected with the wider international network, that uses Sociocracy in synergy with other tools to support Autonomous · Equivalent · Interdependent · Individuals to build the most beautiful world they know is possible.


Location: Torino, Italy
Circles: Consultants Circle, SoFA Italia, International Circle
Certifications: Certified Facilitator and Certified Trainer
Price Range: $-$


Email: [email protected]