On Objections in Sociocracy

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What is an objection in sociocracy?

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Objections are a key part of consent decision-making in sociocracy. Objections are concerns that circle members raise in response to a specific proposal. They mean that someone sees an aspect of the proposal that is not good enough for now, or safe enough to try. An objection can also mean, “carrying out this proposal would interfere with my being able to do my work.”

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What is the value of an objection?

Objections are valuable input. It’s important to listen to this information, and incorporate it into proposals. Objections improve proposals by pointing out how to make things better. If a proposal seems risky, incorporating objections can help the group to find something “safe enough to try.”

How do you deal with objections in sociocracy?

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First of all, creating an environment that is open to objections is essential! Objections are a gift to the group and help improve proposals, so be sure to react to them positively.
Once you have an objection, there are several ways of integrating them.

Integrating objections:

  1. Amending the proposal by asking, “what would make this work for you?
  2. Shortening the term of the proposal and checking in on how the proposal is functioning.
  3. By stating any concern as a question and asking at your next check-in, ” is X (concern) happening?”

Read more about integrating objections here.

Why do objections in sociocracy matter?

Objections are like the sand that creates a pearl. Within objections, group wisdom arises to improve proposals. Welcoming objections means that all voices are truly heard and that everyone feels free to share their views. Watch out for times when group-think takes over and people feel unable to object. This can lead to conflict later on when people realize they didn’t truly consent to a proposal.

Welcoming and integrating objections are key components of sociocracy.