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Start your sociocracy journey today and unlock a future of empowered decision-making and collaboration with these introductions to sociocracy books.

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“Sociocracy: A Brief Introduction”, “Facilitating Meetings in Sociocracy”, and “Guide for Serving in Circle Roles” are all beginner-friendly texts to help you start using sociocracy. Save by buying them together, and carry the wisdom of sociocracy with you to every meeting.  They make a great gift to introduce someone new to sociocracy and meeting facilitation.

Each booklet is 70 pages long, making them the perfect size for travel. Bring them to your meetings easily.

By purchasing the introduction to sociocracy books, you not only equip yourself with invaluable knowledge but also support SoFA’s non-profit work. Join us in our mission to spread sociocracy far and wide, making organizations more egalitarian, transparent, and efficient. Get your copies today and take the first step toward building a more harmonious and democratic future!

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Cover images for the 3 booklets.

Book Details

Sociocracy: A Brief Introduction

The perfect gift for those ready to embark on a journey of inclusive governance.

sociocracy a brief introduction book

Sociocracy: A Brief Introduction is a short introduction of the main tools and processes of sociocracy – perfect as a refresher or a first overview of consent-based, decentralized decision-making and governance.

Light and easy to read, this booklet shows consent decision-making, circles, roles, linking, selections, feedback processes and co-creative processes all in one booklet.

Sociocracy: A Brief Introduction is also available as a free e-book.

Facilitating Meetings in Sociocracy

Empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to start facilitating meetings

Facilitating Meetings in Sociocracy by Ted Rau

A brief overview of the essentials of sociocracy for meeting facilitation. “Facilitating Meetings in Sociocracy” includes meeting preparation, meeting format and tricks to keep meetings on track. Includes the essential processes for meetings and templates.

A Guide For Serving in Circle Roles

Navigate Circle Roles with Confidence using “A Guide For Serving in Circle Roles.”

Cover image for Guide for Serving in Circle Roles

“Guide for Serving in Circles Roles” includes an overview of the responsibilities of each circle role with tips to help you succeed. Leaders, secretaries, delegates and facilitators will appreciate learning what makes their role easier and more productive. Give a copy to role holders in your organization!