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Inclusive meetings. Better meetings with clarity and flow

Basic classes 2024 Meetings - - Sociocracy For All

August 15 @ 14:00 16:00 EDT

Basic sociocracy tools

About this training

Meetings are the precious moment when a team comes together. How can we spend this time more meaningfully? 

The sociocratic meeting format is one of the gems sociocracy offers. It’s inclusive, connecting, and human-centered while providing focus on the work. Learn in this two-hour session how meetings can be improved instantly and how to build a meeting culture over time that fits your culture and gives you the meetings you want.


Getting Started. (Never been to a workshop, watched/read a few things.) 

Unsure of what your level is? Try our Sociocracy Level Quiz. This event is geared towards people with an assessment score of <14 but open to anyone.


What is a meeting format that gives everyone a voice and still doesn’t end up in talking and talking … and talking?

    • Meeting format – step-by-step into shared power
    • Rounds. Thinking and sensing together as a group
    • How to plan and facilitate to stay on track
    • How to divide up complex decisions into doable chunks

    All classes include presentation, practice, and time for questions.


    0:00-0:10Overview and welcome
    0:10-0:40Meeting format and backlogs
    0:40-1:00Rounds; facilitating rounds
    1:00-1:20Building blocks of group process: understand-explore-decide
    1:20-1:45Staying on track
    1:45-2:00Feedback and next steps


    Our sociocracy basic methods classes are taught by certified sociocracy trainers.

    Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

    Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

    Jerry has been committed to nonviolent social change all his adult life. He started his career with anti-oppression (especially classism), then became a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication/NVC, facilitation, consensus. In the last 10 years, he has focused on his work in sociocracy. Jerry used to be part of The Sociocracy Consulting Group, and he is co-founder of Sociocracy For All where he now works full time. Jerry was born in Cuba and immigrated to the USA as a child. He has lived in community all of his life, since 1994 in Pioneer Valley Cohousing. Jerry is the co-author of the sociocracy reference manual Many Voices One Song.

    Duration and time zone

    This event is one 2-hour session on July 8. The starting time in local time zones is:


    You can request a 30% group discount for groups of 3+ people. Email [email protected].
    Affordability is important to us. Please email [email protected] if the ticket price keeps you from attending and describe your need briefly.

    2 hour live class


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