Change-Up Meeting: An Agile Tool —Hope Wilder

? This presentation will be in English.


Change-Up meetings are a powerful way to change how things are working in your group. Taken from Agile Learning Centers and inspired by Sociocracy 3.0 and NVC needs frameworks, this quick sticky-note centered meeting structure helps groups solve problems quickly. In this participatory workshop, we will work through the process at least once, and have time for questions and answers.

Miro board from presentation here.

Simple printable PDF of Change Up board from Let’s Decide Together here.

Presentation slides available here.


Hope Wilder speaker at the global sociocracy conference 2022 sociocracy for all - - Sociocracy For All

Hope Wilder is a consultant and trainer working with schools and sociocracy. She is the author of “Let’s Decide Together!”, a guidebook for practicing sociocracy with children. This book contains a detailed description of using Change-Up Meetings in schools or at home with children under Meeting 5. She is currently the Sociocracy for All Schools and Sociocracy Program Manager.