Sociocracy Certification

Welcome to the Sociocracy Certification page, where you can learn about Sociocracy For All’s (SoFA) system for structured, competency-based learning journeys. We want to ensure that every learner not only understands the theory behind sociocracy but also acquires the practical skills necessary to apply sociocracy methods effectively in various settings.

A group of learners participating together to a training program that includes sociocracy certification.

A Journey Through Experiential Learning

SoFA is committed to an experiential learning approach, emphasizing the importance of hands-on practice and reflective learning.

That’s why our certification system is designed to measure your competency in sociocracy, focusing on the practical application and thoughtful consideration of core sociocracy methods. This approach ensures that learners can effectively integrate sociocracy into their groups and organizations, as well as their offerings as professionals.

Levels of Sociocracy Certification

Our certification system is structured into four ascending levels of proficiency: Practitioner, Facilitator, Trainer, and Consultant. This progression allows learners to develop their skills systematically, from understanding the basics of sociocracy to becoming capable of training others and consulting on sociocratic implementations.

At each level, learners have real-life practice by working on badges, which are micro-credentials symbolizing the learner’s competency in specific sociocracy methods or practices, and provide a tangible measure of their progress and expertise. Learners are then certified after a performance review.

1. SoFA Certified Practitioner

Learning objective: Participating as a member of a sociocratic circle.

Content (badges):

SoFA Certified Practitioner plaque for Sociocracy Certification page
  • Vision, mission, aims
  • Circle structure
  • Leader and delegate
  • Facilitator and secretary
  • Operational roles
  • Consent decision making
  • Connection and listening
  • Interpersonal feedback

2. SoFA Certified Facilitator

Learning objective: Facilitating sociocratic meetings and processes.

Content (badges):

SoFA Certified Facilitator plaque for Sociocracy Certification page
  • Meeting structure
  • Minutes and backlog
  • Proposal co-creation
  • Integrating objections
  • Policy review
  • Selections
  • Performance review
  • Equity and inclusion

3. SoFA Certified Trainer

Learning objective: Running sociocracy training workshops.

Content (badges):

SoFA Certified Trainer plaque for Sociocracy Certification page
  • Flow of information
  • Logbook
  • Workflow
  • Power
  • 1-hour introduction
  • Half-day workshop
  • One-day workshop
  • Two-day workshop

4. ISCB Certified Consultant

Learning objective: Leading or supporting sociocracy implementations in organizations. (Read more below.)

Content (badges):

ISCB Certified Consultant plaque for Sociocracy Certification page
  • Case study
  • Assisting an implementation
  • Implementation process
  • Implementation #1
  • Implementation #2
  • Legal considerations

How to get certified

Currently, SoFA offers an advanced training program that offers a certification called Academy.

The Sociocracy Academy is an educational program designed for individuals interested in learning about sociocracy and other decentralized governance forms. It offers a structured, two-level curriculum aimed at developing knowledge and skills necessary for practicing and facilitating sociocracy within groups or organizations. Level 1 focuses on fundamental sociocracy tools for practical application and facilitation, while Level 2 targets experienced practitioners and facilitators looking to teach sociocracy or use it in consultancy work. The academy emphasizes real-life practice, offering certifications for those who complete the programs and successfully apply their learning.

Sociocracy Academy icon (Sociocracy Certification)

You can read more about Academy (in English) and Academia (in Spanish) in the respective pages.

SoFA is also working to support certified trainers and consultants to organise new and diverse training programs that include certification. If you are certified through SoFA and wish to organize a certification-accredited program, write to [email protected].

Process for Consultant Certification

The International Sociocracy Certification Board

iscb logo 1 - certification - Sociocracy For All

SoFA is a founding member of the International Sociocracy Certification Board (ISCB). The ISCB seeks to standardize the meaning of certifications offered by participating agencies. At this point, ISCB is only recognizing the consultant level of certification. Agencies participating in the ISCB are free to determine the labels and qualifications for any other certifications that they offer. Other organizations that are not part of the ISCB may also offer similar or different badges and/or certifications.

Consultants certified by the ISCB will be publicly acknowledged on the ISCB website. In 2019, the ISCB recognized the first three internationally certified consultants who also serve as the ISCB’s founding Board of Directors: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (co-founder of SoFA), John Buck (founder of Governance Alive LLC and member of SoFA’s Mission Circle) and Barbara Strauch (co-founder of the Soziokratie Zentrum in Austria). The ISCB also recognizes “certifying agencies.” These agencies commit to having a program to prepare individuals for the consultant level of certification according to standards set by the ISCB. Policies of the ISCB regarding how to become a certified consultant and how an agency can become a certifying agency are posted on the ISCB website. In 2020, the ISCB recognized the first three certifying agencies: Sociocracy For All, Governance Alive, and the Soziokratie Zentrum.

ISCB has been growing since and certified dozens of active sociocracy consultants.