F2: using the basic meeting format

You should be able to follow the basic meeting format in your sleep!


Skill descriptionability to plan a meeting and facilitate it following the basic sociocratic meeting format
How to acquire skillself-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS chapter 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
Show skillFacilitating 2 meetings.
MeasurementPeer group (ALC) assesses both meetings based on checklist below.

  • Meetings held within Peer group (ALC): evaluate in circle (meeting evaluation).
  • Meetings held outside of Peer group (ALC): ask for written feedback based on checklist from two people in that circle and present to Peer group (ALC).
  • Were all essential parts present and in the correct order and with appropriate prompts?
    • Opening round
    • A, D, M, I, N
    • Consenting to agenda (proposing and understanding agenda, consent)
    • Agenda items
    • Updating backlog
    • Closing round
  • Was the time schedule kept (more or less) or adjusted with consent from the circle? 
  • Were all agenda items handled appropriately, and completed with clarity and intention?
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