A6: performance review

In the context of accountability, this badge focuses on holding other people accountable by giving them useful feedback so they can improve their own contribution and by coming up with a plan for the future.


Skill descriptionability to guide a group through reviewing someone’s performance in a role/circle
How to acquire skillself-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS 4.6
Show skillOption 1: Facilitating a performance review in a circle
Option 2: Being the subject of a performance review.
MeasurementPeer group (ALC) assesses the performance review based on the checklists below.

  • Performance reviews within Peer group (ALC): evaluate performance review in circle. 
  • Performance reviews outside of Peer group (ALC): solicit written feedback from two people – the person reviewed and a participant of the review –  in that circle.
ChecklistFor Option 1:

  • Was the process clear?
  • Did the process cover all the basic steps? 
    • Understanding the role(s) and feedback on current performance.
    • Exploring potential improvements.
    • Synthesizing ideas into an improvement plan.
    • Consent
  • Did the process seem appropriate, kind and efficient?
  • Was there consent on the improvement plan?

For Option 2:

  • Share what you learned about the process.
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Sample letter (Option 1)

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