A5: policy review

Only a policy that’s alive is useful. If it goes stale or it’s simply out of date and un-usable, its original usefulness is lost. Policy requires review and reviewing policy provides accountability. Let’s practice to make it easier!


Skill descriptionability to guide a group through a policy review (could be agreement, role description, aims or workflow)
How to acquire skillself-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS 4.4.6
Show skillfacilitating a policy review in a circle
MeasurementPeer group (ALC) assesses the policy review based on the checklists below.

Meetings held outside of Peer group (ALC): ask for written feedback based on checklist from one person in that circle and present to Peer group (ALC)

  • Did the policy get reviewed and approved?
  • Did the process cover all the basic steps? 
    • Understanding the current policy and its current effectiveness
    • Exploring potential improvements.
    • Synthesizing ideas into a revised policy.
    • Consent
  • Did the process seem appropriate, effective and efficient?
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