A Sociocracy Workshop for you and your team

SoFA staff has taught dozens of sociocracy workshops in North America, Europe and South America. 

We have worked with audiences from for-profit, non-profits, communities and associations.

All workshops are hands-on, participatory and connecting. We strive to teach in a way so people can apply what they have learned in their own organizations.

“The workshops felt rich with material to digest and practice. I particularly appreciated the simple yet profound wisdom of asking if a decision is ‘good enough for now and safe enough to try’, which by itself could easily be applied to so many turning points in life. However, for me, it was perhaps the experience of our collective embodiment of sociocracy that moved me most. As we worked together, the experience of being in small, spontaneous, self-organising communities, made up of participants with a great variety of interests and reasons for being there, offered a gentle and humbling way to learn to trust the process.”

Srik Narayanan

Online workshops for teams

Beginner team workshops

Contact us for questions about bigger groups or different time frames: info@sociocracyforall.org

Appetizer workshop (1.5 hours)
  • Schedule
    • 30 min: an overview of sociocracy including decision-making, circle structure, roles, and linking.
    • 30 min: practical exercise, trying out a selection process
    • 30 min: time for questions
  • $250
  • 6-18 people
Full beginner class (6 hours)
  • Topics
    • overview of circle structures
    • consent decision making
    • selection process and roles
    • exploration of your team’s structure in a sociocratic circle structure
  • 6-18 people
  • $900

Facilitation workshops

Contact us for questions about bigger groups or different time frames: info@sociocracyforall.org

Facilitation class (6 hours)
  • Topics:
    • Consent decision-making and how to integrate objections
    • Facilitating selection processes
    • Co-creating proposals
    • How to respond when things don’t go according to plan
  • 6-18 people
  • $900


Please note that every participants needs to have some previous knowledge in sociocracy. For mixed groups, consider training up the less experienced members first. If a small subset of members have been attending sociocratic meetings but have not been formally trained, we can work with that. That happens sometimes when a core group has been trained and is using sociocracy but new (untrained) members have been added over time. You can still have a class together. In that case, we would send you videos for those less experienced members to catch them up on terminology and standard processes.

Nonviolent Communication workshops

Contact us for questions about bigger groups or different time frames: info@sociocracyforall.org

Appetizer workshop (1.5 hours)
  • Introduction into Nonviolent Communication and its basic concepts
  • $250
  • 6-18 people
Full beginner class (6 hours)
  • Topics
    • what are feelings, what are needs?
    • how to make requests
    • lots of practical exercises
  • 6-18 people
  • $900

In-person workshops for beginners

Advanced workshops in person

How to Host an In-person Workshop

Yes, you can invite us for a workshop! Typically, workshop hosts are either part of the hosting organizations, or they are local hosts that help find a venue and do outreach to the workshop.

A good workshop needs about 3-6 months of time in advance. During that time, these are the tasks that need doing:

  • Fix a date, pay and length of workshop (3-6 months in advance)
  • Find a venue for your group size (>3 months in advance)
  • For open workshops
    • decide on workshop fee for participants (>8 weeks in advance)
    • make an event listing, e.g. on eventbrite and publish (>8 weeks in advance);
    • do outreach (you do most, we add some)
    • confirmation that the workshop will happen (> 4 weeks in advance)
  • Arrange details (like materials, transportation, accomodation, arrangements for food for the workshop (>4 weeks in advance)

The budget for open workshops often contains some money for the work of the workshop host. Workshop costs as stated above don’t include travel costs or accomodation.

To plan your budget, Jerry and Ted are based in Amherst Massachusetts near Harford (BDL) airport for domestic flights, Boston (BOS) for international flights. Nora is based in southern Spain and teaches in Spanish. To reduce carbon emissions and costs, you can try to tag along to other travels. Send an email to Jerry (jerry@sociocracyforall.org) and tell us what you’re looking for.

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