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Youth Empowerment through Sociocracy

Sociocracy is used with youth all over the world, not just in schools but also in youth activist organizations. For example, the Neighborhood Children’s Parliaments in India empower children and youth ages 5-18 to advocate for changes in their communities while following the UN Sustainability Goals. Children and youth have successfully initiated sanitation programs, founded libraries, and created programs to support domestic violence and alcoholism in their communities. There is currently a provisional World Children’s Parliament forming to expand the movement worldwide for global youth empowerment.

Resources on Youth Empowerment through Sociocracy

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Neighborhood Children’s Parliaments

The Children’s Parliaments network in India are the largest implementation of sociocracy worldwide, with tens of thousands of members ages 5-18. This case study covers an overview of the children’s parliaments as they grapple with issues of local crime, sanitation, and other issues based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Hello, Neighbourocracy Book

Edwin John, the founder of the Children’s Parliaments in India, wrote this how-to manual for starting your own neighborhood parliament for bottom-up activism using sociocracy.

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Youth Power Coalition

YPC is a coalition of youth leaders and adult allies building a movement for youth-led collective impact. They advocate for youth decision-making power in all spaces where decisions affecting youth are made, from school boards to city hall. They’re advocating for lowering the voting age, developing leaders who can lead intergenerationally, and mobilizing the resources needed to support youth-led collective impact initiatives.

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Youth-led presentation on sociocracy and marginalized voices

Sophie Xu is a co-founder of the Youth Power Coalition (YPC). In this video,  she explores how to center historically and currently marginalized voices — especially those of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) — in sociocratic frameworks.

Power to the Children Documentary: Youth Empowerment in India

Power to the Children is a documentary about the Neighborhood Children’s Parliaments in India, a federation of youth activists that numbers in the thousands nationwide.

Here is a recording of a Q&A session with Swarnalakshmi Singh, the former Prime Minister of the Children’s Parliament.

General Resources for Learning and Implementation

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Book for Ages 5-12

Let’s Decide Together is a workbook for using sociocracy with children.

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Study group curriculum

The most affordable and easy way to train your all team!

4×2-hour sessions with exercises, readings, handouts, perfect for groups of 5-8 people. Video-led – just turn on the video and learn! By donation/coaching on a sliding scale.

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Talk to a real human!

You’re not alone on this journey! We can connect you to others who have done it before, or talk you through a strategy that works for your particular circumstances.

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Sociocracy Handbook

Written by the co-founders of Sociocracy For All. 300 pages.

More Resources

Dissertation on Children’s Parliaments by Swarnalaskshmi Ravi

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