Upcoming Organizational Member Events

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Below you will find all of our upcoming events for organizational members of Sociocracy for All.

Are you a member of a sociocratic organization? Did you know that your whole organization can sign up for an organizational membership with Sociocracy for All? To find out how you can access the many benefits of our organizational memberships program, click here.

Free introduction: What is sociocracy?

This is a free sociocracy info session. We will look at what self-management is trying to achieve, how sociocracy works, and what kind of organizations are doing sociocracy.

Free intro: Inclusive meetings

Earth - SoFA Zoom Room Earth Zoom Room

You know the basics of consent decision-making but you need a bit more to put it into practice? This class is for you!

Get Tickets Free – $20.00

Facilitation practice – everything at once! (5 weekly sessions)

Venus - SoFA Zoom Room https://zoom.sociocracyforall.org/venus-zoom-299978898

This is the right class for you if you want to be that weathered facilitator that sees a way forward, no matter what happens, so that everyone feels safe, heard, held, and empowered in your meetings. This class is practice in role plays & debrief only!

Get Tickets $150.00 – $250.00 24 tickets left

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