Navigating the Pandemics with Sociocracy 3.0: A Success Story from

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Navigating the Pandemics with Sociocracy 3.0: A Success Story from


Join us in this presentation as we share our transformative journey through the pandemics. Discover how we went from the brink of closure to a 50% yearly revenue growth, zero turnover, and recognition as a leader in innovation and people management. Explore the key Sociocracy 3.0 patterns we used to drive change and gain insights into how they can impact your organization. Get an inside look at the steps we took to introduce these patterns and learn how we achieved a culture of continuous innovation and growth.


Hugo Miguel Lopes - - Sociocracy For All

Hugo Lopes is a collaboration catalyst who helps individuals, teams, and organizations collaborate and thrive together. As Chief Strategy Officer of Conkistadores (now known as neoCK:, he facilitated and coached the team through a two-year transformation journey during the pandemic, including a revisit of the organization’s purpose, rebranding, and digitalization. As a result, the company achieved a 50% yearly revenue growth, 0% turnover, and received the 2021 Leadership and Innovation award for people management in Extremadura.
Hugo is also the founder and former Chief Operations Officer of a software development and integration company based in Lisbon, a co-founder of, and a member of With over 20 years of experience in the IT sector and more than a decade of experience with Agile practices, Hugo is a passionate Agile Coach, Facilitator, Scrum Master, and Project Manager.
Hugo has studied and become an ambassador for human-centered approaches to problem solving, product and service design (Design Thinking and Service Design), and Agile practices for project development. He also uses tools that promote emotional intelligence, creativity, dialogue, authenticity, connection, co-creation, and self-management such as Sociocracy 3.0, Liberating Structures, and the Art of Hosting – the Art of Participatory Leadership.

Isabel Belloso - - Sociocracy For All
Audrée Morin

Isabel Belloso is a project manager, researcher, trainer and facilitator at neoCK.

In longer term cooperation experiences, she has managed the partnership between public and private institutions in the framework of EU cooperation initiatives: i.e. Globaltur, VR-COMP (projects carried out in partnerships with other organisations. Also in other cooperation projects such as Eurociudad Elvas-Badajoz-Campo Maior (Municipality of Badajoz, Elvas and Campo Maior), Eurorregión ExtremAlentejo (for 9 municipalities), for Fextur (Federación Extremeña de Turismo Rural) and a number of local development plans.

She has co-organised Local events developed within the Design Thinking framework (Badajoz (2013) and Cáceres (2014)), events where groups of people had to come up with innovative solutions for global challenges. Facilitating for allowing the emergence of self organization was one of the keys to group success.