INDACO framework: roles & badges for individual and organizational development (Pierre Houben & Francesco Mondora)

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Inter iNDependence, Agreement, and Commitment, and Objections is the process, that takes from sociocratic roles review and badges and evolve it, by which a person makes explicit and agrees on his or her personal evolution plan within :mondora, a software company in Italy.

Francesco, impact investor and servant leader of mondora srl sb, envisions a world where people serve the common good while working. He is a disruptive thinker that loves collaborating to build self organised companies. One of the first movers within the B Corp in Italy, he is often found speaking about these topics throughout Europe. Once retired he sees himself teaching at a primary school.

Pierre is a transition (now also sociocracy) trainer and facilitator that one day started asking if there was a better alternative to the majority and minority principle to decide. He got in touch with sociocracy, falling in love quite immediately. In his dreams, there is a network of Italian Sociocracy trainers and facilitators, connected with the wider international network, that use Sociocracy in synergy with other tools to support Autonomous · Equivalent · Interdependent · Individuals to build the most beautiful world they know is possible.

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