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Nonviolent Communication Introduction (3x2h)

28/09/2023 @ 14:00 16:00 EDT

Nonviolent Communication event - Sociocracy For All


This is a 3-session introduction class to compassionate communication (Nonviolent Communication, NVC). It covers basic concepts with many examples. All sessions are participatory with time for questions and answers.

NVC meshes beautifully with sociocracy because it allows us to listen well, make ourselves understood on a deeper level, and explore together how we can co-create solutions that work for everyone. The classes will be taught by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, co-founder and staff member of Sociocracy For All and certified NVC trainer. All sessions are participatory with time for questions, role-plays in small groups.


0:00-0:10 Overview
  Session 1 Overview: feelings, needs and strategies
  Session 2 Empathy practice
  Session 3 More practice and reflection
Using NVC for meetings

Local time zones

This event is three 2h sessions on Sept 28, Oct 5, Oct 12.
The starting time in local time zones is:


Jerry is a sociocracy trainer aJerry Koch-Gonzaleznd consultant and a certified NVC trainer. He has decades of experience in organizations and communities.

“Jerry’s workshop was so awesome. I loved the framework and the space for vulnerability. It was really useful to work through the framework in small groups and his personal stories were super engaging and informative.”

“I loved the part about making requests, because people often assume that others know what their needs are.”


Regular pricing: $85 per person. We ask that when an organization pays for your ticket, you opt for the professional pricing level of $180. 


  • Scholarships: If your financial situation is keeping you from taking this class, please send a short paragraph describing your need to [email protected]. You can request 30%, 60% or 100% off. Note that it’s rare that we give big scholarships to people in countries with high cost of living. Read our social justice statement
  • Group discounts. Bring a friend! If you’d like to take this class with someone else, you can receive a discount code to sign up for 30% discount each. (For three or more people.) Request a group discount code: [email protected].