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How Can We Witness Our Interdependencies? – Warm Data with Bateson

May 20 @ 16:00 - 19:00 UTC

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At the suggestion of SoFA member Brandon Dube, Jerry and Ted participated in a “warm data lab” session with Nora Bateson (daughter of Gregory Bateson). We came away inspired by the potential of this approach to support SoFA member development – getting to know each other in the context of an indirect exploration of how we are interconnected. We have scheduled a 4-session series and invite you to join us. To understand the impact of the Warm Data experience, it is ideal if you can attend at least three of the sessions and particularly the first one. The first session will be three hours long, the first hour of which will be a session with Nora Bateson considering the theory of the “Warm Data” approach. The other sessions will be 2-hours long. Free and no preparation needed. The Warm Data folks are, like many of us, mission-driven volunteers.
This is a Sociocracy for All members event, available to SoFA Working Member and Supporting Members. Find out more about SoFA Membership here.


Session Dates & Times


  • Intro Session with Nora Bateson – May 20 Thursday 16-17 UTC
    In your time:
    2021-05-20 16:00 UTC
  • Session #1 – May 20 Thursday 17-19 UTC (immediately follows introduction)
    In your time:
    2021-05-20 17:00 UTC
  • Session #2 – May 21 Friday 18-20 UTC
    In your time:
    2021-05-21 18:00 UTC
  • Session #3 – May 27 Thursday 16-18 UTC
    In your time:
    2021-05-27 16:00 UTC
  • Session #4 – May 28 Friday 16-18 UTC
    In your time:
    2021-05-28 16:00 UTC
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More about Warm Data from our Warm Data Lab hosts:

“Perhaps one of the most potent forms of revolution is caring for each other. Reciprocal caring in family, community, and biosphere simultaneously allows for the vital connective tissues to form that hold us within the larger ecology of life.” Nora Bateson

How can we relate to each other to find new futures together?

… the world has changed. In this time of new formation and multiple overlapping crises, there is an opening for all of us to embark on a different way of relating, thinking, perceiving, and learning together.

We invite you into a conversation to explore what is essential in building and nourishing vital relationships within community, society and biosphere through the Warm Data Labs online process, People Need People, developed by Nora Bateson and stewarded by the International Bateson Institute.

Warm Data Labs are a pioneering systems practice and conversation space that creates a parallel, transcontextual opportunity for entirely new kinds of conversation that open opportunities for unprecedented possibilities and reveals the systemic patterns we are bound by, unveiling the illusions of independence and widening our sensitivities to the entanglements of our lives and living systems.



Hallway of Hallways
Finding a way
What Now?
An Ecology Of Mind- A Daughter’s portrait of Gregory Bateson Directed by Nora Bateson


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May 20
16:00 - 19:00 UTC UTC
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