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Celebrating a Sociocratic Failure


In this presentation, I tell the story of my introduction to Sociocracy, which came through the failed implementation of the framework as a governance system in a newly forming religious nonprofit. In addition to highlighting the lessons learned from this experience, as well as demonstrating what aspects of Sociocracy remain in the community in the wake of the experiment, this presentation makes a case for how failure can be a cause for celebration in the movement to widen the adoption of sociocratic methods.

SoFA team

Alex Rodriguez - - Sociocracy For All

Alex Rodríguez is a writer, organizer, educator, and trombonist working at the confluences of music, spirituality, and social transformation. A fifth-generation Hispanic settler Oregonian, he holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology from UCLA, where his research focused on jazz clubs and the communities that sustain them in Los Angeles, USA; Santiago, Chile; and Novosibirsk, Siberia. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Buddhist Peace Fellowship, a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting Dharma to our current political moment and is a co-founder of Catalyst Cooperative Healing, a mental health worker cooperative exploring sociocratic principles.

Alex is a Certified Facilitator in Sociocracy through Sociocracy for All, where serves in the Bylaws and Organizational Support Circles. He has also trained in Deep Listening through the Center for Deep Listening. To learn more about his work, or to subscribe to his artist newsletter, please visit