S5: forming a helping circle or sub-circle

Every circle has to be able to form a helping circle or a sub-circle whenever they see value in empowering a smaller/different group to support achieving the circle’s aim. Being able to make the proposal to do this is an essential tool in the toolbox.


Skill descriptionDeveloping a proposal to form a helping circle or sub-circle.
How to acquire skillself-study; workshop; practice in real life; MVOS 2.5.4, 2.6
Show skillWrite a proposal to form a helping circle or sub-circle, either in Peer group (ALC) or in organization outside of Peer group (ALC).
MeasurementPeer group (ALC) assesses based on checklist below.
  • Proposal includes:
    • Aim/expected outcome/mandate
    • Domain
    • Leader
    • Term/review date
    • A plan for membership in the circle
    • (Driver statement if desired)
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